VIRTUAL WORKSHOP | Mentoring Series: Hands-on Feeding Course Specific to Children with Down Syndrome [ZOOM] [March 7 to 28, 2023]

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Heather Vukelich, MS, CCC-SLP


Join TalkTools Instructor, Heather Vukelich, as she provides hands-on strategies and techniques for speech and feeding professionals working with clients (6 months and older) with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The unique format of this 4-week course offers participants both 1-hour virtual “classroom” instruction each week with all participants, as well as back and forth video messaging with Heather to help individualize each participant’s experience. At the end of the series, participants will have applied the learned strategies to their client in a customized therapy program specific to the child’s needs. Outcomes for this course include: improved feeding skills, direct implementation of feeding strategies and increased knowledge base, resources and referrals for next steps for each client. It is recommended (but not necessary) that each participant have a client to work with while taking the course.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply 2 techniques that focus on facial and oral stimulation.
  2. Identify 3 appropriate techniques to facilitate chewing and drinking skills.
  3. Identify 3 appropriate techniques to facilitate drinking skills.
  4. Develop a feeding plan for therapy and home that incorporates simple, child-focused, caregiver-centered approaches.

NOTE: there may changes to handouts/resources prior to the start of the workshop -- be sure you have reviewed any versions you may have downloaded to make sure you have the latest version


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