[CLOSED] WEBINAR | The Nose Knows: The Influence of Olfaction on Feeding Choices [NOVEMBER 30, 2020] [7PM to 8PM EDT]

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Smells bring back memories. That is because the sense of olfaction lives in the memory and learning centers of the brain. A newborn can easily detect the scent of their mother. The smell of bacon cooking can arouse you from sleep. Your mouth waters when you smell your favorite meal being prepared. The smell of apple pie brings back memories of your grandma’s kitchen.

Olfaction is also connected to gustation (taste). The olfactory receptors work with the gustatory receptors and play a vital role in finding food, discriminating it from toxic substances, and appreciating its flavor. When children or adults are under-responsive to smell due to loss of olfaction or over-responsive due to sensory processing issues, various impacts on feeding may occur such as reduced hunger or gagging. This course explores the role of olfaction in feeding choices across the lifespan.


  • Participants will be able to list 3 causes of anosmia (loss of smell).
    Participants will be able to list 3 ways in which olfaction (smell) can enhance or impede gustation (taste).
    Participants will be able to describe at least two ways in which olfaction could impact feeding.


  • 10 minutes    Introduction
  • 20 minutes    Olfaction and Gustation Facts
  • 30 minutes    Clinical Considerations on the Impact of Olfaction on Feeding
  • 10 minutes    Wrap-up/Q&A

Recording expires December 30, 2020

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