[CLOSED] WEBINAR | Expanding the Evidence: ABA-OPT for Speech Development [January 28, 2021] [11:00AM -01:00PM EASTERN TIME]

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TalkTools Instructor and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Expert, will be presenting the exciting findings from a collaborative study on the impacts of incorporating Talk Tools OPT (Oral Placement Therapy) techniques with ABA protocols on speech production, focusing on the jaw, lips and tongue. The team consisted of SLPs, BCBAs, RBTs and parents and the study was conducted at Eastern Florida Autism Center. Clients included those with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, ASD, Fragile X and cerebral palsy. Risca will present the techniques used in the study, so learners can apply these techniques right away in their practice!


    • The participant will be able to:

      1. Summarize the findings of the ABA-OPT Study
      2. Understand the jaw-lip-tongue connection for speech production
      3. Identify 3 ABA techniques applicable to speech therapy
      4. Apply 3 OPT techniques for speech clarity


    • 15 minutes – Overview of Study
    • 15 minutes – Techniques for Jaw
    • 15 minutes – Techniques for Lips
    • 20 minutes – Techniques for Jaw
    • 20 minutes – How to measure progress
    • 25 minutes – Case studies & results
    • 10 minutes — Wrap-up/Q&A
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