FREE WEBINAR SERIES | Integrating Teletherapy Into Your Therapy Practice [SEP 9 2021] [4PM-6PM EDT]

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When the world shifted in 2020, therapists learned how to adapt to the times and deliver therapy mostly (if not all) virtual. Now that things are returning to its post-pandemic state, how will your practice adapt? We gained unprecedented insight into families’ routines, habits, and ability to carry over strategies outside of the clinic or away from the therapist. This course will discuss the different types of therapy models and how to align those models with specific families when targeting feeding and speech goals. It will also give participants information on why a hybrid structure of service delivery may be the most beneficial to families and how to incorporate technology into your standard sessions.


  • The learner will be able to define and recognize various types of therapy models. 
  • The learner will be able to identify benefits of teletherapy, in person therapy, and a hybrid.
  • The learner will be able to implement technology into therapy sessions.



  • 5 minutes- Introduction and Disclosures 
  • 20 minutes- Types of therapy models 
  • 15 minutes – Things learned during pandemic therapy 
  • 15 minutes – Benefits of teletherapy 
  • 15 minutes- Benefits of in person therapy 
  • 20 minutes- How to incorporate a hybrid approach to therapy 
  • 20 minutes – Incorporating technology into therapy  
  • 10 minutes— Conclusion and Questions
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