[CLOSED] WEBINAR | Tips To Tackle Drooling [May 4 2021] [12PM-2PM Eastern Time]

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It is a challenge most speech and feeding professionals have experienced — clients who cannot control their saliva — also known as drooling. Drooling is the unintentional loss of saliva from the mouth, and it can affect pediatric and adult clients, particularly those with special needs

TalkTools Instructor and Feeding Expert, Lori Overland, will discuss what, when and why to expect typical drooling in infants and causes for atypical drooling and remediation strategies.


  • The participant will be able to:


    1. Describe typical drooling in infants
    2. Identify atypical drooling patterns
    3. Conduct analysis of possible drooling causes
    4. Apply 3 remediation techniques


  • 20 min  — What, when , why — typical drooling infants
  • 30 min — Atypical drooling: signs and symptoms
  • 30 min — Demonstration of typical vs. atypical drooling
  • 30 min — Techniques for drooling remediation
  • 10 min — Q&A
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