[CLOSED] WEBINAR | Your Pediatric Myo Team: Creation and Collaboration [September 14 2021] [2-4PM EDT]

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Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders are complex and involve many body systems. As myofunctional therapists, we often serve as a client’s case manager across disciplines, therefore, we must understand the roles of different providers and help caregivers/patients maximize their referral visits. We must identify, prioritize and coordinate treatment while staying within our scope of practice in order to create the best outcomes. This course will explore how to identify potential medical partners, initiate professional connections, strategize getting our concerns addressed and show methods for maintaining collaboration on shared cases. The timing of interventions and collaboration with shared cases will be discussed. A basic understanding of OMDs is helpful to get the most from this course.


  1. List 3 providers that are likely to be on an OMD team.
  2. Describe 3 methods of information sharing between providers. 
  3. Identify the basic elements of initial visits with varied providers. 
  4. List various types of body workers and modalities that may be helpful. 
  5. Explain why myofunctional therapists are well suited to be case managers.


  • 15 minutes    Introduction/ Overview
  • 30 minutes  Reasons for referrals/need for teamwork
  • 40 minutes  Professionals Associated with Treatment
  • 20 minutes  Collaboration
  • 15 minutes    Q&A
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