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Thank you for partnering with TalkTools® as a Guest Speaker on one of of our training initiatives. This agreement is made between , , (hereinafter known as "Guest Speaker") and TalkTools, LLC (hereinafter known as "TalkTools®"), a South Carolina Corporation located at 2681 Spruill Avenue, Suite A, Charleston, SC. Below are the terms for this event: 

Speaker Name:  

Speaker Organization:  

Speaker email:  

Speaker Communication (cell, Messenger, WhatsApp):  

TalkTools Event where you will be presenting:  


Presentation Title:  

Are you co-presenting:  


Co-Presenter address:  

Co-Presenter email:  

Co-Presenter Communication:  


  • Hourly Compensation Rate: Session Duration (# of hours you are speaking):   Total Compensation for this event:  

Additional Terms 

Speaker(s) agree to: 

  • present the course as it relates to the course description and learning objectives and as filed with CE Approval Agenda (ex., ASHA-American Speech and Hearing Association) 
  • strive to make presentation and materials as accurate, relevant, and educational and informative as possible within the session timeframe as scheduled 
  • promote workshop through their media channels (including their website and social media channels) provide any session materials to TalkTools® by the deadlines provided by TalkTools®, including:
    • headshot 
    • bio 
    • presentation pdf 
    • additional course-related materials, as needed 

VIRTUAL EVENTS -- Speaker will: 

  • provide a digital recording of their presentation to TalkTools® at least 14 days prior to the session date: 
  • Speaker may schedule presentation recording with TalkTools® 
  • Speaker may record their own presentation 
  • If Speaker is recording their own presentation, they are required to provide high-quality, error-free digital recording with clear audio and video 

IN-PERSON EVENTS -- Speaker will: 

  • cover their transportation costs for the training event 
  • cover their meals and incidentals during their stay for the training event 
  • provide any materials, equipment, products, tools specifically needed for the in-person presentation 
  • arrive on time to present their presentation 

TalkTools® agrees to:  

  • market and sell presentation on our media channels (including TalkTools website and social media) and email platform 
  • file CEUs with ASHA and AOTA on behalf of training event participants 
  • VIRTUAL events -- TalkTools® will: 
  • provide streaming webinar platform (i.e., Zoom) for virtual events 
  • provide basic technical support prior to and during the session 
  • provide webcam as needed 
  • conduct tech and a/v test session, as needed 
  • schedule recording for pre-taped presentation, as requested by the Speaker 
  • facilitate virtual streaming webinar 

IN-PERSON events 

Meeting Room -- TalkTools® will: 

  • provide meeting room with required set-up and/or equipment, as requested by the Speaker provide on-site technical, administrative and logistical support before, during and after the presentation 

Hotel Accommodations -- TalkTools® will: 

  • cover hotel room accommodations for Speaker(s) for 2 nights prior, during and/or after the Speaker(s) session(s) date(s) and time(s), as mutually agreed upon 


  • Compensation is dependent upon the specific course and any terms previously agreed upon between TalkTools® and the Speaker(s) 
  • TalkTools® will disburse any compensation payments within 30 days of the the conference dates listed above. 
  • For every seat sold after 50, (maximum audience = 200), Speaker(s) will be compensated for $100 per seat. (Speaker(s) compensation for registrations over 50 will be calculated AFTER the event and final registration numbers are confirmed) 
  • Speaker(s) are required to provide a W-9 to TalkTools® 30 days prior to the session date -- Speaker(s) cannot be paid without a completed W-9 form on file with TalkTools®. Additional information on W-9 compliance can be found on the IRS website. 

License to Reproduce Presentation 

During the event dates and for a specified period agreed upon by the Speaker and TalkTools®, Speaker grants to TalkTools® non-exclusive rights to publish and/or reproduce the presentation and any related materials, in printed hard copy, video/audio tape, electronic multimedia, and/or web-based media. Any publication of these original materials by TalkTools® will be accompanied by an appropriate attribution of authorship. TalkTools will NOT resell webinar broadcast or presentation materials after this date without the permission of the Speaker: 

Stand-alone webinars (not part of a larger event, such as a workshop or conference) are broadcasted on a specified date and time. Webinars are recorded and are available to paid participants 2 days Conference sessions are broadcasted on specified date and time. Conference sessions are recorded and available for purchase 30 days after the conference dates. 

Warranty of Ownership 

TalkTools® and Speaker(s) agree that all materials used in the conference presentation are the property of the Speaker and are to used solely for educational purposes during the conference dates.  Speaker grants permission to TalkTools® to publish and market the Speaker presentation as part of their conference listed above. TalkTools® may not record, publish or reproduce Speaker's presentation or any related materials or content.  

Release and Waiver Agreement 

In consideration of participating with TalkTools® on a Training Event, Speaker(s) and TalkTools® will collaborate on any use of the Speaker's name, recorded voice, image and likeness in any medium, including, video clip, photo, sound bite, social media posting for use in marketing, news, education, or any other lawful purpose prior to and during the Training Event. TalkTools® will provide any marketing or educational files or collateral to Speaker for approval prior to posting or publishing said materials. Copyright and authorship of course content will be appropriately noted in any marketing, news or educational materials developed by TalkTools®. 

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