TalkTools® Instructor Agreement


This agreement is made between , in the country of (hereinafter known as Instructor), and TalkTools, LLC (hereinafter known as TalkTools®), a South Carolina Corporation located at 2681 Spruill Avenue, Suite A, Charleston, SC.  

Instructor Full Name:   

Instructor email:  

Instructor cell (or Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp):  

Course Title:  

Start Date:  End Date:  

Total Number of Days:  

Daily Speaker Rate/Honorarium:  

Total Speaker Fee/Honorarium:  

Provide any additional compensation (as agreed upon between the Speaker and TalkTools®):  

Total Compensation for this event:  

Additional Terms

Instructor agrees to:

  • deliver the course as it relates to the course description and learning objectives and as filed with CE Approval Agenda (ex., ASHA-American Speech and Hearing Association)
  • strive to make presentation and materials as accurate, appropriate, and interesting as possible within the session timeframe as scheduled
  • agrees to promote workshop through their media channels (including their website and social media channels)
  • respresent TalkTools® with integrity and professionalism

TalkTools® agrees to: 

  • schedule workshops, webinars and other training events as requested TalkTools® and/or Workshop Partner
  • market the workshop, webinar or training event as needed
  • provide any course-related materials to Instructor
  • serve as liaison between Instructor Workshop Partner 
  • provide any additional training and information as needed by the Instructor


Compensation is dependent upon the specific course and as previously agreed upon between TalkTools® and the Instructor via email. TalkTools® will electronically disburse any compensation payments within 30 days after the training event

Warranty of Ownership

Instructor agrees that any course content owned and copyrighted by TalkTools® remains the sole property of TalkTools®. Any course content developed by the Instructor will remain the sole property of the Instructor. Instructor agrees to allow TalkTools® to publish and market course content developed by the Instructor -- or if any content belongs to others, that the instructor(s) has permission for their use and has the right to convey to TalkTools® rights granted in this license.

Release and Waiver Agreement

In consideration of partnering with TalkTools® as an Instructor, Instructor grants to TalkTools® the right and permission to edit and use Speaker's name, recorded voice, image and likeness in any medium, including, video clip, photo, sound bite, social media posting for use in marketing, news, education, or any other lawful purpose. Copyright and authorship of course content will be appropriately noted in any marketing, news or educational materials developed by TalkTools®.

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