TalkTools® Workshop Agreement - Domestic (Small)


Thank you for partnering with TalkTools to host one of our training workshops. This agreement is made between Workshop Partner,  ,  ,   (hereinafter known as “Workshop Partner”), with offices located at , and TalkTools, LLC (hereinafter known as  "TalkTools®"), a South Carolina Corporation located at 2681 Spruill Avenue, Suite A, Charleston, SC. The Workshop Partner is contracting with TalkTools® to provide the Workshop Services listed below:

Workshop Terms

Course Title:  


Workshop Format:   

Start Date:   End Date:  

Total CEUs:  

Estimated Number of Participants:  

Workshop Point of Contact (POC): Workshop POC cell:  

Workshop Practicum (Hands-On Learning Supplies):  

FOR IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS: (if virtual, leave blank)

  • Is Workshop Partner able to secure a meetings to accommodate 30 or more participants:
  • Workshop Venue Address:  
  • Who will be the onsite POC?
  • Will the meeting room be set up classroom style?  
  • Will Workshop Partner provide light catering?  
  • Will Workshop Partner provide ground transportation for the Instructor (to/from airport/hotel/workshop venue)?  
  • Ground Transportation POC?  
  • Ground Transportation POC cell?
  • Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approach -- Instructor Seating  
  • Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approach -- Evaluations: Evaluation Information:    
  • OPT: Assessment Program Plan Development -- Evaluations: Evaluation Information:    
  • Shipping Address:  

Additional Terms

Workshop Point of Contact:  Workshop Partner agrees to provide a Point of Contact during the workshop and will provide name and cell.

In-Person Workshops

  • Ground Transportation

    • Workshop Partner will seek to provide ground transportation for the Instructor (to/from airport/hotel/workshop venue) and will provide TalkTools® with ground transportation name and cell. If Workshop Partner is unable to provide ground transportation, Workshop Partner must inform TalkTools® 7 days prior to the workshop date
  • Venue

    • Meeting Room set-up: Workshop Partner provides a meeting room free of charge for the entire length of the event that seats a minimum of 25 participants, classroom style. (attendees need tables or desks)
    • Workshop Onsite Point of Contact will provide point of contact for day(s) of event to assist with ONSITE set up, registration, order taking, and general assistance to the presenter.
    • Audio-Visual (A/V):
      • LCD projector and screen with tie-in to computer
      • Speakers (Audio for video presentations) with tie into computer
      • Lavaliere (wireless) microphone (if it is a large room and/ or class)
      • Flipchart with markers (necessary only when requested by the instructor)
      • Podium or sometimes a stool (again, dependent upon the instructor preference) 
      • 4’- 6’ (foot) table in front of room the left of the screen
      • additional 6-8’ table in the back of the room that could hold TalkTools® products for display
    • Catering: Workshop Partner agrees to provide light catering for the seminar. This includes light breakfast items, water, coffee, etc. It is at the discretion of the Workshop to provide any additional catering, including lunch. If Workshop Partner is not providing lunch, it is requested to have a listing a nearby lunch venues for workshop participants.
  • Shipping Workshop Materials

    • Workshop Partner will provide a valid shipping address to TalkTools® 30 days prior to the workshop date
  • Marketing

    • TalkTools® agrees to:
      • provide marketing through TalkTools® website, email distribution lists and social media channels
      • digital and print marketing materials
    • Host agrees to:
      • assist in the promotion of the workshop through their communications channels (email distribution lists, social media channels, organization website)
  • Additional Provisions

    • TalkTools® agrees to:
      • post the workshop on the TalkTools website ( and take registration fees
      • track and share registrations with Workshop Partner
      • cover Instructor travel expenses and speaker fees
      • In-Person Workshops: provide workshop materials, including presentation handouts, practicum and products for purchase (TalkTools® will ship to Workshop at shipping address provide above 10-14 days prior to workshop date
      • Virtual Workshops: provide digital presentation handouts and practicum shipped individually to each participant
      • one free registration
      • 20% off early bird rate registration fee for Workshop Partner staff 
      • provide complimentary Speech Therapy Tools are sent to your organization (post-workshop) from TalkTools®
      • coordinate provision of CEUs with ASHA and AOTA
      • certificates of completion
  • Minimum Attendance Requirements

    • In order to provide a cost-effective event, TalkTools® requires an attendance minimum. Should the minimum registrations not be met by 4 weeks in advance of the workshop date, TalkTools® reserves the right to cancel the above workshop and will refund all fees to participants who have already preregistered.  TalkTools® will provide Workshop Partner written notice of its intent to cancel the program at no further expense to TalkTools® and no further obligation by either TalkTools® or the Workshop Partner.
      • In-Person Workshops: 25 participants
      • Virtual Workshops: 15 participants
  • Cancellation

    • Should the workshop need to be canceled due to weather, or illness of the presenter, a second mutually acceptable date will be sought to reschedule the event.  

Note: The use of cameras, audio recording devices and video recording devices is prohibited

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