Go to the Tech Requirements for Accessing Your Course page to review the requirements. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MET TECH REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO ACCESSING YOUR COURSE 

Tech check includes:

  • Web Browser
  • OS (Operating System)
  • Internet Connection
  • Work-Issued Computer: learners using work-issued laptops may need to contact their organization’s IT department to ensure there are no firewalls installed and that the computer is configured to allow access to our e-learning site

Go to Getting You Tech-Ready for Your Course for more info

Yep! If you do not have tech requirements met on your end, you may have issues starting your course.

It is the learner’s responsibility to meet the tech requirements for our on-demand, e-learning courses

TalkTools is not responsible if the learner does not perform a tech check, then has issues accessing their course 

  1. Go to your courses via “Access Your Courses” portal on the TalkTools Training site homepage
  2. Your courses are listed on your profile page
  3. Click on e-learning course title to access course components (video presentation, quiz, Exit CEU survey, certificate)
  4. Watch the video presentation
  5. Complete the quiz (under Course Content) — must reach 80% or better correct answers
  6. Complete and submit the CEU Exit Survey (under Course Content)
  7. Make sure your course is marked “Complete”
  8. Certificate of Completion will be available for download

Yes. Please review our CEU Policy and Process for more information.

Self-Study/On-Demand = 1 year from the date of purchase
Webinars = 30 days from the live broadcast date
Conferences = Varies (Please refer to the registration page for the exact date of expiration) 
Virtual Workshops = Must attend scheduled date and time. No recording will be available

Learners can view and download their certificate of completion anytime through their learner profile until the course expires.

  1. BEFORE YOU START YOUR COURSE, BE SURE YOUR TECH REQUIREMENTS ARE MET. Go to Tech Requirements for Accessing Your Course for more info
  2. After your tech check, go to Access Your Courses portal on education.talktools.com homepage
  3. Username is the email used to purchase your e-learning seat
  4. First time learners: click on reset password button to create your password
  5. Enter your email again
  6. Go to your inbox
  7. Open email from [email protected] and click on link to reset password
  8. Enter new password
  9. Click “login” button
  10. Enter email address
  11. Enter password you created
  12. You will be redirected to your profile page where you will find your course listing
  • Your e-learning courses are listed on your profile page
  • Click on e-learning course title to access course content (e-learning presentation, quiz, Exit CEU Survey, certificate)

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TalkTools DOES NOT recommend using company-issued computers for your digital learning with us, as settings on these devices can be configured to block access to our Training Site

If you proceed with using your work-issued device, you may need to contact your organization’s IT department to reconfigure your settings


Still have questions? Contact the Customer Care Team at: [email protected]