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Ask A Therapist: Chewy Tubes for a one-year-old

Hi! I am working with a little boy who is about a year old, developmentally (orally) is around 8-9 months. I gave the family the yellow chewy tube to practice biting/chewing, in addition to ...


Ask A Therapist: A client bites down on baby bottle

Hello! My name is Yael and I have a patient who is 18 months, has low tone in the oral area, likes a lot of sensory input inside the mouth but won’t suck on a straw or drink from a cup...


Ask A Therapist: 3 year old with Moebius Syndrome

You all have been amazing when I have asked for help with my students, so I have another question. I have just evaluated a 3 ½ year old who was diagnosed at birth with Moebius Syndrome. Alt...