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Mogren, Asa



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Asa have been working as a speech therapist at the Mun-H-Center since 2005 and defended my doctoral thesis “Orofacial function in children with speech sound disorders” in November 2021. In addition to working clinically, her position also includes method development, educational responsibility and information dissemination. Her research area includes studies of orofacial function and bite development in children with speech disorders and children with rare health conditions.

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Mogren, Å., McAllister, A & Sjögreen, L. (2021). Range of motion (ROM) in lips and jaw during vowels assessed with 3D motion analysis in Swedish children with typical speech development and children with speech sound disorders. Speech and Language Pathology Phoniatrics Vocology. Mar 4:1-11. doi:10.1080/14015439.2021.1890207. PMID: 33660562

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