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Lone Olsen is a private occupational therapy practice that offers examination, counseling/guidance and treatment for:

  1. Children and adolescents with sensory processing disorders
  2. Children, adolescents and adults with eating difficulties see also SOS
  3. Children and adolescents with Verbal Dyspraxia.
  4. Children and adolescents with Cerebral Palsy or Acquired brain injury with mild motor and cognitive impairments.
  5. Adults Who Have Sensory Processing Disorders

Lone was licensed as an occupational therapist from the Occupational Therapist School in Copenhagen April 1986. She had her occupational therapy business part-time since 2005.

She went to the United States and further her education in this incredibly exciting field. The sensory integrative frame of reference approach to examination and intervention is the cornerstone of most occupational therapy treatment, and she have enjoyed practicing it for 30 years.

She have used the sensory integrative frame of reference for elderly people in nursing homes, adolescents/adults in social psychiatry and for children/adolescents/adults partly within the special area and partly within the normal area.

Since 2000 she have worked with children and young people, partly within the special area in a special kindergarten and two special schools. Since 2005 she have also worked with children/adolescents/adults within the normal range in her own practice.

In addition to her business, she have in recent years worked in a special offer at a school with children and young people three days a week. One of her primary functions is to help the children with their speech difficulties, which can be caused by both oral and verbal dyspraxia. The majority of children are treated with Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

Lone have conducted studies and interventions of children with many different diagnoses – primarily diagnoses within the autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, late brain damage, DCD/Dyspraxia, verbal dyspraxia, ADHD/ADD, premature children, various syndromes, physical and mental developmental disabilities and general learning difficulties. The majority of the studies she have done on children / adolescents without diagnosis have primarily had sensory processing disorders and eating difficulties primarily based on sensory processing disorders. Her intervention has consisted of education-related occupational therapy for educators and teachers, consultative advice and guidance for parents and staff, and treatment of the children both compensatory and direct treatment. Among these, she is the only one in Denmark to use the treatment method Integrated Listening System – PRO.

Professional background:

1986 Authorized as an occupational therapist from the Occupational Therapist Education in Copenhagen.

1987 Theoretical and practical further education in sensory integration at Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute, USA.

2002 1 year Marte Meo course from CVU Greater Copenhagen. Became a certified Marte Meo therapist June 2002.

2019 Certified from TalkTools – Level 3 – Oral Placement Therapy for Professionals Working with Individuals with Muscle-Based Speech and Feeding Deficits.

Appointments 1986 –

  • Hammershøj Nursing Home, Helsingør
  • The Social Psychiatric Institution, Lindevang, Helsingør
  • Special kindergarten, Troldemosen, Gentofte
  • Special School, Maglebjerg, Lynge
  • Special School, Skolen ved Skoven, Hillerød
  • Snoezelhuset, Helsingør (Advice and guidance for helpers for users of the house).
  • Børneterapien, Gentofte.
  • The Competence Centre (KCG), Grønnevang School, Hillerød. Primarily children who have reading and speech disorders (mainly verbal dyspraxia).

Distributor of the Dreampad:

Lone have been a distributor of the The Dreampad™ from 2015 – 2021.


  • Taught mentally and physically retarded children in gymnastics under Handicapidrætten, Lynge/Uggerløse sports association.
  • Taught for intro courses by future users of Snoezelhuset in Helsingør.
  • From April 2014 – 2020 member of the board of the Occupational Therapy Professional Society (EFS) Children and Adolescents in the Occupational Therapist Association.


2012 Written article about the Wilbarger Program for the professional magazine Ergoterapeuten and its professional database.

2012 Written article about Integrated Listening System for the trade journals: Ergoterapeuten, Tale-Hearing-Nyt, Sundhedsrsken, Dansk Audiologopædi(Alf), and BUBL’s and Folkeskolen’s website.

2004 Written article about School AMPS for the professional magazine ERGOTERAPEUTEN.

Professional background:

Since A. Jean Ayres began his development of sensory integration theory in the 1950s, much research and further development has been done in the field. Therefore, I have supplemented my knowledge within examination and treatment through various courses and theme days.

2023 Webinar on “Neurobiology Matters” by Occupational Therapist, Kim Barthel

2022 Webinar on “Eating and Feeding Matters” by Occupational Therapist, Kim Barthel

2022 Theme day on the Interoceptive Sense by Occupational Therapist, Kelly Mahler, USA:

2022 Theme day on breathing

2022 4-day virtual conference on The Art and Science of Polyvagal Theory offered by the Polyvagal Institute (PVI). Directors Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

2022 Participated in Unyte-iLs’s update of theory and practice of Safe and Sound Protol (SSP).

2022 3 day course. Holistic Assessment and Interventions: Clinical Reasoning in Practice by Occupational Therapist, Kimberly Barthel, Canada-

2021 2 day virtual conference. The Polyvagal Theory – “The Many Voices of Polyvagal Theory. Organized by the PolyVagale Institute (PVI), Denver, Colorado, USA.

2021 2 day course. Visual Perception with Neuropsychologist, Anna Asp Vonsild Lund and Occupational Therapist, Ingrid van den Tillaar.

2021 25 hour online course. Update of AMPS course with Innovative OT Solutions.

2021 Participated in 3 days course by Occupational Therapist, Kim Barthel. Autism and Trauma Sensitive Practice.

2020 Participated in Integrated Listening Systems – iLs’s (Unytes) Webinar update of the clinical experiences with Safe and Sound Protocol in recent years, where Stephen Porges and others share their experiences.

2019 Participated in Protac’s two anniversary theme days, where Occupational Therapist, Zoe Mailloux, talked about sensory integration, the new EASI test, and the design of classrooms that meet the children’s needs from a sensory integration perspective.

2019 2 day course in OPT Study and training of Dyspraxia/Apraksia in children and adults. Audiologopedist, Renee Roy Hill, USA.

2019 1 day course in Functional Assessment and Remediation of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) by Audiologopedist, Lori L. Overland. 

2018 Participated in theme day on Inclusion in primary school organized by Occupational Therapy Professional Society, Children & Young People.

2018 3 day course in OPT Level 3 – for Professionals Working with Individuals with Muscle-Based Speech and Feeding Deficit. Audiologopedist, Renee Roy Hill, USA.

2018 Certified in the listening intervention method, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) from Integrated Listening System (iLs). SSP is developed by Psychologist and Researcher in Neuroscience Dr. Stephen Porges, and is based on Dr. Porge’s Polyvagal Theory.

2018 Participated in theme day on Premature Children organized by Occupational Therapy Professional Society, Children & Adolescents.

2018 Participated in 3 days course – Hillerøduddannelse – a narrative approach to working with children and families.

2017 Theme Day Children and Adolescents with Swallowing and Eating Problems, Hammel Neurocenter.

2017 2 day course in OPT Feeding Therapy: A Sensory-Motor Approach with Audiologopedist, Lori L. Overland.

2017 2 day Training course in Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) and Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) with Occupational Therapist, Dillen Hartley, USA.

2016 4 day course. Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding. When children won ́t eat: Picky eaters versus problem feeders. Assessment and treatment using SOS approach to feeding. Psychologist, Kay A. Toomey and Speech Therapist, Erin S. Ross.

2016 4 day course. OPT level 1 + 2. A three-part treatment plan for oral placement therapy and Oral-Motor therapy: Assessment and program plan development. Renee Roy Hill, USA.

2015 4 day course. Occupational therapy examination and intervention for children with sensory processing disorders, as well as interpretation of the examination tool, Sensory Processing Measure (SPM), Diana Henry.

2014 3 day course. Introduction to new version of Sensory Profile, Winnie Dunn.

2012 1 day seminar on the syndrome 22q11 with Ann Swillen, PhD, Leuven, Belgium and Professor Stephan Eliez, M. D., Geneva, Switzerland.

2011 4 Day Conference – Integrated Listening Systems – Denver, USA.

2011 4 Day Advanced Training Course in Denver, USA: Integrated Listening Systems with Doctor and Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, Ron Minson.

2011 2 day course: Thinking Big Thoughts with Occupational Therapist, Winnie Dunn.

2011 10 hour Practitioner Training course in Cambridge, England: Integrated Listening Systems with Doctor and Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, Ron Minson.

2011 2 day course in Cambridge, England: The STAR Center Treatment Model of Assessment and Treatment with Occupational Therapist, Lucy Miller.

2010 1 day course: Sensory Profile – follow-up course with occupational therapist, Ulla Sparholt.

2010 2 day course at the Elsass Centre, Charlottenlund: Effects of exercises and nutrients on brain function.

2010 Course day: Perception in people with autism and Asperger Syndrome with psychologist Olga Bogdashina.

2010 2 day course: Sensory Profile with occupational therapist, Winnie Dunn.

2009 3 day Symposium in Sølund, Skanderborg: Snoezelen – Celebrating Life.

2009 3 day course in Zandvoort, Netherlands: Sensory Defensiveness with Occupational Therapists, Patricia and Julia Wilbarger.

2007 3 day course: The MAP test with Occupational Therapist, Ulla Sparholt and Physiotherapist, Gitte Nørregaard.

2006 2 day course: Neuropsychology-neoropedagogy with emphasis on neuropedagogy with neuropsychologist, Susanne Freltofte.

2003 3 day course in Stockholm with Occupational therapist Dr. Anne Fischer, USA: ” School AMPS–Assessment of Motor and Process Skills – an activity-based examination method used for children doing school assignments”. Certified March 2004.

2003 Weekly course with Occupational Therapist Anita Bundy, USA: “Play in Therapy and Therapy in Play”.

2002 1 year Marte Meo course at CVU Greater Copenhagen, and became certified Marte Meo therapist June 2002.

2003 Danish Handicap Sports Federation’s basic course (40 lessons) for instructors in gymnastics for disabled people with special focus on children’s gymnastics.

2002 Children’s gymnastics training day.

2002 Theme day organized by DHIF (Danish Handicap Sports Federation), where Lene Puggaard Madsen and Marianne Hornbæk Jensen on the basis of their book: “Gymnastics, children and disability” elaborated their theoretical model: “How do we adapt gymnastics to children with different disabilities” – both in theory and practice.

2001 Weekend course organized by DHIF (Danish Handicap Sports Federation) for gymnastics instructors under DHIF. Topic: Ideas and inspiration for teaching children and adults in disability sports.

2001 Course day organized by the Danish University of Education with Neuro-pediatrician Mel Levine from “All Kinds of Minds” University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Schools Attuned – presentation of theory and principles.

2000 Signs to speech course at Maglebjergskolen

2000 2 day course with Physiotherapists Elisabeth Berents and Anette Sandahl, DK.: Movement ABC – Test.

2000 2 day workshop with Professor Carl W. Swartz, Ph. D. and Melissa Wakely Ph. D. from “All kinds of Minds” University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA: The education of Students with learning differences.

2000 Weekly course with occupational therapist Anita Bundy, USA: Sensory integration course – where the main emphasis of the course was on clinical observations, modulation disorders and practice problems.

1999 3 – day course with occupational therapist Kirsten Jensen DK.: “Hand function in children”.

1998 Weekly course with occupational therapists Dr. Anne Fisher, Birgitte Bernspång and Eva Wæhrens: AMPS – Assessment of Motor and Process Skills – an activity-based examination method.

1991 Participated in the course: Sensory integration and psychiatric occupational therapy for 28 hours by occupational therapists Hanne Holmer and Betty Søgård, DK.

1987 3 months Course: Theoretical and practical further education in sensory integration at Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute, USA.