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Ramella, Barbara




Barbara is an SLP. She have been working for more than 25 years as a freelancer in her practice. She deal with voice, swallowing, the communicative-linguistic consequences of neuromotor impairment, rare syndromes, cerebral paralysis, autism for example.

For the past 20 years, she have been working in San Raffaele hospital. She deal with ENT problems with oncological character and voice in addition to dysphagia at 360°: from neonatology to intensive care, from medicine to cardiac surgery, from vascular surgery to gastroenetrological surgery, to Tiget hematology which is a center where patients with metachromatic leukodystrophy, mucopolysaccharidosis and ADA SCID flow in. In san raffaele, they also have an outpatient clinic for outpatients with dysphagia. She worked in ASL (public healthy) for 8 years and she cared for children 0-4 years old generally with swallowing problems as a result of prematurity, neuromotor impairment and rare syndromes and children with autism spectrum disorder. Since the beginning of the year, she have started a collaboration with Candiolo Cancer Center in ENT.

In 2007, she obtained the STAT. Over all these years she have used this methodology in treating different types of patients: rare syndromes, autism, down syndrome, dysfunctional swallowing, H&N tumors, facial paralysis with both children and adults.

Barbara Ramella is a TalkTools® Level 3 OPT™ Specialist.