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Sanders, Alyssa




Alyssa is an aspiring TalkTools or Oromyofunctional speech therapist and feeding specialist from South Texas. She have been using TalkTools for over three years and have seen wonderful improvements in the sensory-motor capabilities of her patients—both verbal and non-verbal. As a specialty OPT clinic, they often have patients who have been going to/receiving ‘traditional’ speech therapy for years without much improvement.

Alyssa participated in two semester externships at A Place for Speech during her Master’s program, and upon graduation, was thrilled to rejoin the team for good. She loves working with all patient populations and building relationships to help them reach their full potential– especially in the areas of reading and writing. In another lifetime, Alyssa was a high school English teacher, so she loves incorporating literature into any/all sessions as a way to enhance speech, language, pragmatic, and cognitive communication skills.

Alyssa Sanders is a TalkTools® Level 3 OPT™ Specialist.