6 Years 4 Months: End of Year Wrap-Up

Just to give you a quick recap of the past few months.
Annabelle had her tonsils and adenoids removed at the end of November because her journey with chronic congestion had been relentless for the past 6 years.
Following that surgery, for one entire month… it was complete bliss.No snot. No drainage. No congestion. I was ecstatic (to put it mildly). She could finally breathe out of her nose!
Unfortunately, at the end of the one month mark, all her sinus issues returned. I hoped and prayed that it was a lingering cold and she would shake it by the time this monthly update rolled around.
Fast forward to this month and I am thrilled to announce that Annabelle’s sinus congestion has cleared up once again. I know that having tonsils and adenoids removed does not help everyone, but in our case, it has made a positive impact. I can no longer use the excuse of Annabelle having blocked passageways as a reason for not having clearer speech. It is one hurdle that at the present time, we can cross of the list.
In completely unrelated news, Annabelle made her first basket in a game this month. To many, this may be no big achievement but to our tribe, it was pretty darn fun!

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