Anna’s Sensi Experience

Sparkles!  That is my mentor’s nickname for Anna.  The twinkle in her eyes as she smiles so beautifully makes this nickname perfect for her.  Her speech has been expanding as of late-my husband noticed that her “vocabulary is improving”.  Her speech clarity has also improved and I do believe, it is largely in part due to her talk tools therapy.  Her new Sensi has been awesome to use! I like that I can use both ends with different attachments which makes doing her therapy on a daily basis, much more efficient.  It definitely saves on time and with a busy schedule, even a few seconds to minutes saved is extremely helpful. For her current therapy, I have an attachment on one end that is used to stimulate her oral cavity.  One of the first things I do is put the Sensi on its strongest vibration setting and go throughout her entire mouth with this attachment. Next, I flip the Sensi over to use the cheek pull instrument attached to the other end.   The Sensi has the ability for various settings of vibration which is also a very nice feature. I didn’t realize how useful that feature was until I came across a stumbling block with Anna. I was having such a difficult time with one of the exercises- getting her to create a “bowl” in the middle of her tongue.  I tried using different tools to press on her tongue which only made the situation worse as she was thrusting her tongue forward. I tried using the vibration setting on the Sensi and softly touching her tongue as well, but all to no avail. I tried all kinds of tricks to try to get her to create the “bowl”. I found myself frustrated and was nearly going to give up and ask her therapist, “Seriously, is it really possible for her to even be able to do this at her age?”  That’s when I had the idea. What if I tried the “pulse vibration” setting on my Sensi? It actually worked like a charm! A light touch with the pulse vibration setting and that was it – she was able to get it!!! This is the kind of power that my new Sensi has and I’m excited to try the other attachments and see what other ideas her therapist or I might come up with that will work for Anna. A versatile tool that can be personalized; I love my new Sensi and I plan to keep you posted about it!   

Talktool admin 03 Feb 20

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