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This course is currently closed

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Discount is available through July 31, 2023. Limit 1 use per order.

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  1. This conference is not approved for partial credit. ALL sessions must be completed by July 31, 2023 to earn CEUs and a certificate of completion.
  2. Click HERE for more information regarding CEUs for this conference.
  3. All conference sessions are recorded and will be available within 24 hours of the VIRTUAL LIVE SESSION DATE.
  4. Certificates will be available to view and download through your learner profile once 100% progress is achieved.

(Sessions are listed below in chronological order)

  1. Click on Session Title to Access Session Page
  2. Click on Camera Icon on Session Page to open Session Presentation
  3. After viewing Session Presentation, go to Session Quiz (under Session Content on Session Page)
    1. sessions quiz will be speaker feedbacks
  4. Click on “Mark Complete” button to complete
  5. After viewing all session presentations and completing all quizzes, submit Conference Exit (CEU) Survey
    1. Conference Exit (CEU) Survey is listed below all sessions
  6. After completing Conference Exit (CEU) Survey, downloadable Certificates of Completion can be accessed
  7. You have now finished your Conference Package Sessions!
CONFERENCE CLOSES JULY 31, 2023 — Participants must view session presentations, complete session quizzes and submit Conference Exit (CEU) Survey by this deadline

Go to the Conference FAQs page for more info on accessing and completing your sessions

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