Mastering Mastication

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TalkTools Instructor, Monica Purdy, will be presenting strategies for implementing a chewing plan for clients who have not mastered this skill, looking at what happens during both a typical chewing event and a disordered one.

Participants will learn how to conduct a differential diagnosis to determine if sensory issues and/or motor deficits are impacting mastication. Techniques to facilitate transitioning to solids, as well as strategies to go from a vertical chew to a rotary chew will be discussed. Mastering Mastication Checklist for families will also be presented.


Participants will be able to: 

  1. Identify typical chewing patterns vs. disordered chewing patterns
  2. Conduct a differential diagnosis to determine sensory and/or motor deficits affecting mastication
  3. Apply techniques to incorporate solid foods
  4. Apply 2 strategies to facilitate transition from vertical to rotary chew
Timed Agenda
  • 30 minutes Identifying chewing patterns
  • 60 minutes Differential Diagnosis: What is Impacting Mastication?
  • 30 minutes Transitioning to solids
  • 30 minutes Transitioning from vertical to rotary chew
  • 15 Minutes Mastering Mastication Checklist
  • 15 minutes Wrap-up & FAQ
Lisa 30 Sep 20