WEBINAR | Identify, Assess and Treat: Disordered/Dysfunctional Feeding Case Studies [June 21, 2024][12:00PM – 2:00PM Eastern US/UTC-4]

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Rehab Zaytoun, M.D., BSc, MSc


There are few things more distressing to families than when a child is having significant problems eating and drinking, And, understandably, parents want feeding therapists/specialists to “fix” the issue immediately.  

But an immediate solution is not always the best solution, as there are likely underlying causes for the disordered or dysfunctional feeding. TalkTools Instructor, Dr. Rehab Zaytoun, will be exploring what comorbidities might be present when conducting a feeding assessment.

This is an interactive course where Dr. Zaytoun will present several of her own client case studies and encourage participants to discuss what they are seeing, what else might be going on and brainstorm possible treatment solutions. The course will also review the Kaleidoscope Model for Feeding, which incorporates assessing the whole child, the family dynamic and cultural considerations and taking a team approach to assessment and treatment.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify 4 possible reasons for disordered/dysfunctional feeding
  2. List 3 comorbidities that may be associated with disordered/dysfunctional feeding
  3. Identify and adapt to cultural considerations with their clients
  4. List 3 members of a collaborative feeding team
  5. Develop a feeding treatment plan
  • 15 minutes: Welcome/Overview
  • 15 minutes: What does disordered/dysfunctional feeding look like?
  • 30 minutes: What else could be happening?
  • 15 minutes: Case Studies Brainstorming Session
  • 15 minutes: Kaleidoscope Model for Feeding

NOTE: there may changes to handouts/resources prior to the start of the workshop -- be sure you have reviewed any versions you may have downloaded to make sure you have the latest version


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