Facebook LIVE w/ Throat Scope Founder & TalkTools Instructor

Throat Scope Inventor & CEO, Jennifer Holland, and TalkTools Instructor and Speech-Language Pathologist, Heather Vukelich, will be LIVE on TalkTools Facebook page to educate professionals on the uses of the Throat Scope in speech & feeding therapy and beyond.

This event is free.

Throat Scope in Speech/Feeding Therapy


  • What is the Throat Scope?
  • Uses of the Throat Scope
  • Using the Throat Scope in Speech & Feeding Therapy
  • Jennifer & Heather discuss
  • Question & Answer from the LIVE audience… that’s you!

Thursday, November 8 at 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States).
Be sure to find out what this is in your local time zone!

On the TalkTools Facebook Page. Be sure to ‘like’ our page and RSVP to this event page to be sure not to miss out!

Go to TalkTools Facebook page at the time of the event. Watching and participating in this LIVE video is free!

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Jennifer Holland
Jennifer Holland is the founder and CEO of Throat Scope. She created Throat Scope in 2009 “after a trip to the doctors with her sick 15-month-old child. The doctor asked her to restrain her child as he tried to open the child’s mouth with a wooden tongue depressor in one hand, and a penlight in the other. This not-so-good experience led Jennifer to Invent Throat Scope the device you see today and inspired Jennifer to create more diagnostic solutions within the business to aid in examinations both in home and in healthcare environments.” (ThroatScope.com) Today, the Throat Scope is used in a variety of practices, especially speech & feeding therapy!

Heather Vukelich
Heather Vukelich, MS, CCC-SLP is a Level 4 TalkTools therapist as well as a TalkTools instructor. Heather works mostly with the Down Syndrome Population and she is owner of Happy Kids Therapy in Danville, California. Heather’s business is located inside the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area, a non-profit, where she focuses on Oral Placement, feeding and speech therapy for people of all ages. Heather’s in-depth knowledge includes: diet, communication programs, sign language, education, orthodontics and facial development, physical and sensory needs as well as behavioral strategies. Heather attended graduate school at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Heather has spoken at the National Down Syndrome Congress, as well as for Down syndrome groups across California including DSCBA, SVDSN, TBODS, and Club 21.
In her own words, “I work mostly with the DS Population, inside a non-profit in Northern California. (The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area). I run a TalkTools program with every single one of my children (clients) and it’s been life changing to say the least. I have a 2.5 year old and a 7 mo old (both girls) at home. So my life is mass chaos 🤣.”

Heather and Jen look forward to discussing and educating later this week! Only on TalkTools Facebook.

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