Hypersensitivity in the Mouth

Hi Heather! I have a 18 months baby girl. What do you recommend if my child seems to have hypersensitivity in her mouth?

Elaine Ruiloba


Helping her desensitize her mouth systematically is a great idea. In the TalkTools system we start globally and work more focally – this means… I’d start with compressions or touch on her hands, up arms, onto shoulders and eventually onto cheeks and lips. Stop at the place she shows body language that says “no mama… that doesn’t feel good.” Retry 3 times to see if you can use this loving method of touch to continue to move onto her face and lips. Next you can work into her mouth with your finger – into her cheeks, under her lips, touching her teeth… After she accepts that in a systematic fashion then you can introduce a tool… Such as a toothette (make sure it’s unflavored and dipped in water and squeezed out first), or even a toothbrush. Let me know if you want further help! Always happy to help…


Heather Vukelich, MS, CCC-SLP is a TalkTools presenter, LEVEL 4 ACCOMPLISHED Therapist and owner of Happy Kids Therapy in Danville, California, focusing on oral placement, feeding and speech therapy for pediatric clients. Heather’s specialty in working with children with Down syndrome also includes in-depth knowledge and resources regarding: dietary considerations, communication programs, educational programs, medical considerations, physical and sensory needs, as well as behavioral strategies.

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