Reminiscing on Better Times

Prior to the worsening of this Coronavirus in February, we were able to take our pre-planned trip to Europe.  The children had a mid-winter break and we took advantage of it.  We were so grateful to have been able to do that trip then given the circumstances now. We visited all over Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, and even some medieval towns. It was not a relaxing kind of vacation, but more of a go, go, go type as we tried to get the most out of our time there.  Anna did very well overall, however, spreading her cheer wherever she went in between her stroller and naps on the tour bus. The funniest part though is that if you ask her what she did in Spain, she talks about “riding an airplane” and “watching movies” and that’s about it. She likely had more TV time in the airplane than she’s had the entire week and she thoroughly enjoyed it.   She loves food and she ate all kinds of authentic Spanish food as well. We had a wonderful time there. Literally, as soon as we left the country, the COVID-19 virus spread like wildfire and they began shutting down hotels in Spain.  Our time there was fun, seeing many great sights and my heart is heavy to know that Spain, Europe, and much of the world is now suffering in such a way.  


Now, with schools off and shelter-in-place mandate, Anna is at home getting lots of play time with her brother and sister, which she is enjoying very much.  We have also continued to do therapies and thankfully we still continue Talk Tools therapy via the online option. My heart is sad knowing that this year, our World Down Syndrome Day events needed to be cancelled and we will need to be celebrated in a different manner, but at the same time I am glad that we are taking steps to help mitigate everyone’s risk. Having Down Syndrome in and of itself does not increase risk for complications from COVID-19, but having medical issues associated with Down Syndrome may increase risk.

I understand that this could be very nerve racking for many of our parents.  With an elderly mother here at home, I am also very concerned and taking the necessary precautions.  I’m sorry to make this forum another talk about COVID-19, yet, I am praying for all at this most extremely difficult and uncertain time.  Please stay safe.

Talktool admin 23 Mar 20